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Kelly Rocks She has been nothing but friendly and helpful. Thanks!
Shelly S
Kelly is awesome! From the start, Kelly answered all my questions, walked me through all the steps, transferred everything over and made sure I was good to go!
Kelly is the best! Kelly was patient with me and explained things clear and concise. Can't get any better! Thanks Kelly :)
kelly was great! thank you for calmly walking me through this process! I felt supported, not judged for my lack of computer 'savy'. Thanks!
Kelly Kelly was awesome and answered all my questions! Thank you!!!
Amazing! Helpful! So sweet! Kelly was so patient and helpful. I love Full Slate already. Thanks for all the help answering my questions and walking me through some things--and for the helpful tips I hadn't even realized to ask about. Much appreciated!
Jan Kavazanjian
Thank You! A tremendous thank you to Kelly and Rachel for assisting us today. Professional, friendly and easy to work with!
Pamela Pagliochini
Kelly's a Rock Star Kelly is a true professional and the tech support she expertly provides has inspired me to move my schedule onto Full Slate on a permanent basis.
Pamela Pagliochini
my first slate session Kelly was perfection! I am so glad to have worked with her and feel confident she will be available for questions later. She's a great asset to the full slate team.
Awesome Support Had a setup call with Kelly today. She explained everything in such a clear manner. I feel confident using Full Slate now and will recommend it to my friends and family. Thanks Kelly!!
Very informative I found the recorded webinar useful and it gave good information about the features of the tool. It's been helpful for me.
Awesome Service 1. Kelly called me immediately after I submitted question. 2. Kelly's first language was English, and she lives in America. 3. Kelly was knowledgeable and helpful with the product 4. Kelly was friendly and patient
Wonderful and informative webinar! Kelly did an amazing job with this informative seminar. She was very effective in presenting much info in a timely and concise manner.
Celia Davis
Why am I limited to 5 stars? =) Kelly was great with setup and getting us familiar with the program. Thanks so much!
Setup Special - Offering Great Support Thank you very much to the awesome support offered by Kelly, a setup coach with Full Slate, that I received during my Setup Special support phone call. While I had much of the setup already completed, there were still some vague areas that I didn't quite grasp - and Kelly walked through and explained all of the options and things to consider from her experience working with Online Scheduling as well as with other clients. My experience was above and beyond what I would have expected, and at the end of the session we had my calendar setup and also links from my website so that future and current clients will be able to schedule their own sessions without having to wait to hear back from me. Thank you again for the great support - I look forward to how this service will help me better organize and run my business.
Great help from Kelly! Kelly is kind and very professional. She answered all of my questions and had some great ideas on how to engineer my on-line scheduling system so that it runs smoothly and easily for both my clients and me. I look forward to scheduling more time with her, if and when I have further questions. Thank you, Kelly!
Kelly is Smart, Patient, Intuitive! My company is growing, and Kelly just expertly coached me through restructuring how I set-up Full Slate for my multi-employee, multi-location business. There was importing, exporting, external-syncing to Google calendars, recurring client appointments ... and we didn't lose one bit of data! She understood the nuances of what my business needed, suffered my poorly worded questions, and was good-natured all the while. Intuit, this woman REALLY knows your product ... she is valuable to you! (Give her a raise, or a special parking spot, or BOTH!)
Thank you! Kelly was wonderful as she patiently led me from my confused state to one of complete understanding, now feel I can easily navigate the various tabs to manage my account.
Set up consultation I highly recommend scheduling a set up consultation- for one, it's free! And secondly, it's incredibly helpful as you are walked through all the set up and you learn everything this program is capable of in one hour instead of going it alone and stumbling through it trial and error style. I'm up and running now after just one hour of learning all I need to know to make it seamless and effortless for both me and my patients. Thank you!
tutor Kelly did great job,and was very patient with me. I would call again.
Efficient and Easy to Understand I just got off the phone with Kelly from FullSlate Support, and we cruised through the set-up lesson in under an hour. She was concise in her instruction, and it all seems very clear to me. I'm happy that this software is so intuitive. Thanks!
Anne H
set-up session Josh was extremely helpful today, answering all my questions and pointing me to features I hadn't realized were there. Great support!
Amy Shouse
Great Service! I can't believe I waited so long to review Full Slate. I keep telling everyone verbally what a great system it is and how great their customer service is-- my contact is Kelly. I figured I would finally do a review! Thanks Full Slate and Kelly for a great product!
Jill Koehler
great help! I appreciated Kelly's easy manner and clarity of explanations. She addressed questions I didn't even know I had! Very much appreciated and very reassuring in terms of the support offered for Full Slate!
Awesome Booking Solution with Awesome-r Customer Support! One of the most annoying things I've had to deal with with other booking solution providers is there useless customer support. I have used 2 other booking solutions so far, and after waiting 2 weeks for customer/technical support, I had lost all hope. Thankfully, I found Full Slate. Amazing booking solution and a must have for any new small business. Beyond there software is a bunch of cool cats that actually want their customers to be successful. Had my first setup tutorial with Kelly, she worked around my schedule and called me at 11pm! Wow! If that wasn't enough, she spent nearly an hour with me answering all my questions. 5/5 software 5/5 service Go Full Slate, and you will never go anywhere else again.
Kirsten Potter
Great Service! Kelly was of great help with setting up my new account!
Michelle Shaw
Set-up Kelly was very helpful. She was able to answer all my question and offer great suggestions to make my experience great. I'm comfortable in the fact that I can always set up an appt. to get assistance when needed. Michelle
Heather Nielsen
Fantastically useful Kelly was my support guide today, and I cannot believe how many things I learned about how to create more ease in my private practice. Now, my clients can schedule themselves, I have set up payment options, and I customized the email confirmations based on different appt types. This will really help my private practice streamline and grow. Thank you!!
Stephanie Winslow
Kelly ROCKS! Kelly is well-informed and professional. I appreciated her sense of collaboration and willingness to listen and answer my needs. Working with Kelly is such a great benefit because she directs me as to how I can use the tools at hand so that I can become a more empowered and effective user of Full Slate. This has been the key to my decision to go with Full Slate.
Paul Tanimae
Great Support My experience with Kelly is another reason I'm feeling very comfortable with Full Slate. She is very knowledgeable, really listened and understood my needs.
Jacob Lee
great support quick response, thanks Kelly
Sue Pelechaty
Awesome Support! Kelly was a delight in answering my questions and giving some great tips!
Great support Kelly was great -- she really knows the product well.
Debi Testa
Kelly I am thrilled with the help I received from Kelly, she was extremely patient, clear in her direction, & more than helpful. I am now less afraid to try Full Slate, knowing Kelly "has my back" Thank You !
Fantastic! Review of Kelly Kelly; you are the best!!! You are so knowledgeable and I felt that I was in good hands. Very patient and helpful. I feel lucky that you were my coach and I am looking forward to making Full Slate my only appointment "book"!
Excellent Service Review of Kelly Excellent service and very helpful!
Review Review of Kelly Kelly has been such a help with the start of my new business. She answers my questions promptly and efficiently. My business is growing rapidly thanks to online scheduling with Full Slate and Kelly's help!
Blownaway! Review of Kelly B L O W N A W A Y !!! Full Slate has a great product but, i must say, the concept of getting a "Coach" is fantastic. One would think that Kelly has had a long term business relationship with our organization. She made us feel comfortable and "not afraid" to ask questions. She know her product and is proud of it. As I gave a DEMO of the product for Management, i spoke of Kelly's responsiveness and professionalism. Congratulations Kelly. You are a true professional that is appreciated !!!!
Don Casteel
Greatest Ever Yesterday I talked with Kelly about setting up my Massage by Don Account. She was so kind and helpful. Kelly helped me get all my contacts moved over and also set up the full slate on my web site. People like Kelly are the type of people every company needs. Thanks Kelly for all your help.
Darin Stumme
Discount codes & reporting Review of Kelly There are several features I'd like from Full Slate which are not (yet?) available, but Kelly was great at helping me look around and find workable solutions for me.
Review for Kelly Kelly did well on walking me through set up ...she listened and was patient as well as human. I could tell she was comfortable with herself and what was doing. . That made me feel a bit more confident about all this.
Thank You Review of Kelly Thank you Kelly! I was able to correct my mistake and move further through the set up process. I am coming up with a few more questions and look forward to connecting with you to knock those out.
Set-up assistance Kelly was excellent to work with. She was very patient and clear with her direction. I found the program to be easier to use with her help.
Ronne Mariah
I should have done this long ago... I realized I was missing out on business by not being available to answer the phone while I'm working so I decided to give Full Slate a try. I am surprised at what a big difference it's made in my business. I got 3 new clients in just the past week. People like to make an appointment on the spot rather than leaving a phone message. My clients find the Full Slate system fast, efficient attractive, and very easy to use. It's great that they don't have to sign up for an account unless they want to. Just a few clicks and their appointment is done. And I love getting those texts and emails telling me I have a new appointment. I don't have to do a thing - no answering phones, checking voicemail, playing phone tag. I don't have to remember to send emails confirmations, reminders, or directions to my office. Full Slate does it all! Customer service is outstanding.Although the website is fairly easy to use I've had lots of questions as I've been setting up. Every time I email support, I have an answer immediately, even in the evenings. The answers are always clear, directions easy to follow and suggestions work. And everyone seems so friendly. I had tried a different service before Full Slate because I got an AMTA discount. It was a disaster! I'm so glad I found Full Slate. The cost per month is nothing compared to the income I get in return. I should have done this long ago!
Friendly & Helpful! Review of Kelly Kelly walked me through a Demo and I am so glad that she did. I learned a lot about Full Slate and about the quality of their customer service. Very Impressed!
Tonya Ladipo
One-Hour Training Review of Kelly Kelly was responsive, thorough, and answered all of my questions in depth. She was also friendly and kind. She was able to be warm and knowledgeable which is hard to find in customer service. Thank you Kelly!
Alef G. Valdes
Full Slate Overview Review of Kelly Kelly was helpful and knowledgeable regarding Full Slate options/features. Kelly made valuable suggestions during our conversation. I look forward to chatting with Kelly in the future.
Sarah OLeary
KELLY is a Start-Up's BFF! Kelly was terrific to work with. She went above and beyond the call of duty, with a professional attitude and style that put me at ease. She showed me how FS can work for my company, and was enormously helpful. I highly recommend her and full slate!
Thank You Review of Kelly You guys are always "right on" and clear in answering all my questions. What a breath of fresh air. Thank you.
Great Service Amazing. Fast, and perfect customer service! Thank you!
Thanks Kelly! Kelly provided excellent service and support, providing well-thought out, clearly explained solutions to my questions and set-up challenges. She is a wonderful resource.
Review Review of Kelly Kelly - thanks! Your instructions were exactly what I needed. I appreciate you. You solved my problem.
Guoen Wang
Full Slate is Easy to Use, and Support is Great! Review of Kelly I am an acupuncturist, and I have been looking for a online booking service a long time. I tried a couple, and they are good. Howeve, I think full slate is the easiest and very useful. What is the most impressive is its coaching service. I just have had one hour, actually 64 minutes coaching session with Kelly. She made it so easy and I felt that I can do this easily, and I can focus my time and energy on healing clients, instead of struggling with tech problems. Kelly, thank you! Guoen Wang
Steve Dalia
Excellent Support Review of Kelly I put in a support call this morning and then I was pretty much unavailable all day. Kelly called me 3 times to ensure my questions were answered. Once we connected she was very helpful and had a complete understanding of the solution and answered every single one of my questions. She even gave me some best practices insights. Thanks Kelly.
Wow Review of Kelly Wanted to give you a WOW on quickness, I came back to my system and problem solved , thank you
Laurie Loving
Full Slate is Like Having Your Own Receptionist! I could not be happier with both the online scheduling product and the customer service I've received. I was constantly forgetting to make my client appointment reminder calls in a timely manner and had way too many last-minute rescheduled appointments. This was stress I didn't need. Now my clients get a reminder email 48 hours prior with my cancellation policy and the link to reschedule the appointment on their own. They also get a text three hours prior because you know that sometimes we get busy and forget our schedule even the same day. No-shows are eliminated and 48 hour notice gives me time to move someone into the empty slot. The staff have also been amazing, responding to my emails almost immediately, even on weekends and holidays! They are also receptive to suggestions. One of my problems required a change to their whole system, which they did because it will benefit everyone! New clients are booking themselves and "old" clients reschedule themselves. I also love the Thank You email that goes out automatically after each session. I've customized it to include a monthly help tip and a no-pressure request for testimonials. My stress about scheduling is gone, and best of all, combined with my new website, my calendar is booked solid for THREE weeks! I am a very happy Full Slate customer.
Response Review of Kelly Great quick clear response
Extra miles Review of Kelly I used to have another online scheduling system, and my lazy Webmaster didn't fix all the links on my website after I switched the service to Full Slate. I didn't realize that until a patient called confused saying "I can't book you online!" Of course it was after I fired the Webmaster. Desperately I contacted Full Slate, because I knew support at Full Slate had been always excellent. I talked to Kelly, and found the problem was even difficult to figure out for her, but she didn’t say she couldn’t help me. Instead she said, “Let me work on it”. The next day, she emailed and told me all the links were already fixed! She said she didn’t like to give up. Thank you Kelly, for your “CAN DO” attitude. You saved me a lot of money and time!
Fast Review of Kelly Fast response and outstanding service :) :)
Fast Review of Kelly Kelly was very prompt replying to our email request, we look forward to our set-up appointment. Thanks!
Thank you This set-up appointment was an AMAZING help. This system really is elegantly simple and straightforward, and just a few minutes of guidance had me on my way.
Gillian Cotton
Excellent Service Patrick provided World Class Service with a smile that was felt across the digital airways! He should definitely be given a certificate of appreciation letting him know that he gets 5 Stars for his quality of service during our phone call! Thank You!
Coaching Full slate new user
Business Owner Review of Josh I had my setup session with Josh on 6/2 and I am so grateful for his help. I am new to the tech world; therefore, Josh was very patient with me.
Rebecca Park
Conference Call Set Up Help Thank you so much Patrick! I feel like we could have gone one for another hour... so much to discover with this platform! I think we did very well with the time we had and I feel like I can get things up and running now. Thank you very much for all your help and patience. Rebecca
Trevor Eller
Great Help! Review of Kelly Clear, aware of the system, patient and friendly. You rocked it!
Kelli Austin, D.C.
The Patience of a Saint Review of Kelly I had my "Setup Coach Session" with Kelly Merten today. Of course, I do everything differently at my studio and therefor require all kinds of special compensations. Kelly listened patiently, understood what I needed and helped me find a solution. Some of my needs will require software updates. She was honest about this and added my needs to the software update Wish List. I'm just getting started but I feel that I am in good hands. Thank you Kelly.
Matthew Olds
What a great job I have very little computer experience. Kelly from Full Slate was awesome. All my questions were answered and the process was very easy!!!
Review Review of Kelly The program is very nicely laid out to make it easy for most to setup their calendar. :) That being said, the only issue I had was getting the exempt to work, but Kelly helped me figure that out. My friend setup an appointment on it and it worked great! Thanks!
Fantastic Kelly was very professional, helpful. She answered all of my questions, gave me suggestions, instructions on how to get the full benefits that Full Slate provides. I'm looking forward to working with this company. Thanks Kelly
Deborah Song
RE: Initial Session with Kelly Merten Kelly is great! Very helpful. knowledgeable and clear. I look forward to using the appointment application and feel very comfortable with Kelly's support. Thank you, Deborah
Bryan Edwards
Setting up my account Review of Kelly I needed help setting up my full slate account for use scheduling specific meetings on specific days so it was not the typical 8-5 scheduling. Kelly knew exactly how to make it work and was excellent at walking me through the process. She was clear, concise, informative and perhaps most impressive of all - patient!
Impressed Review of Kelly I'm so impressed with the quality customer support I've been getting! While the website is pretty user-friendly, there are times when I need a bit of guidance. Kelly has been wonderful!
Kathy Fuka
Great Service Review of Kelly I want to Thank Kelly for all the help she gave me. She walked me through everything, made very good suggestions and let me know that I could call her when I experienced any issues. (trust me...I will have not that computer literate :) ) Kelly is very knowledgeable of the product. Thanks for everything
Ginny Miller
feedback from telephone appointment. I am so thankful for Kelly's help during our telephone consultation. She was very patient and explained each service in easy to understand language. Thank you!
Paula with Healthtouch Massage
Stellar Customer Service Kelly knew all the basics to instruct me in. She knew much more than the basics which showed when I asked questions that were different than what we were talking abut. Then she went well beyond the extra mile and helped me integrate Full Slate with my website in a more appealing and functional way than I had it set up. She was both professional and friendly on our call. I am very impressed by Kelly. And as a representative of Full Slate, I am now very impressed by this company that has such a good person assisting and instructing customers. Support doesn't get better than this.
Analia Castanos-Davis
Great guidance Kelly walked me through the website and answered every question I had with clarity and patience. I'll be referring people to Full slate for sure. Looking forward to using my online scheduling system.
Rodney West
Full Slate orientation Review of Kelly I think Kelly did am awesome job directing me through each step of the program. When we were done I had enough knowledge to easily navigate the program. Thank you very much Kelly.
Nathalie Fike
How to Make Calendar work for One Day Event Review of Kelly Kelly was wonderful. She got back to me promptly, helped solve my problem quickly and also pointed out some other features and how to best use them. Top Support!!!
Great Review of Kelly She replies to every one of my emails, great customer service.
Quick Response Review of Kelly I feel like I am in good hands with your quick response to my questions. I look forward to being with Full Slate!
help w setup - Kelly Kelly is a fantastic setup coach. She's easy to follow, and very friendly. I'm so happy we have her to call on for help! :)
Audrey Benecke
Great Support Kelly was clear & concise when helping me set up my account! Thanks, Kelly!!!
Clear & Helpful Review of Kelly fast, clear, and helpful!
Review Review of Kelly Kelly's response time was very quick and she had the answers I needed. She also explained it very well. It was to the point and no confusion. Thank you so much Kelly. I look forward to dealing with you in the future.
Fabulous! Review of Kelly I just signed up for the free trial basis with full slate and I can't believe the customer support already. I had an issue with putting a button in my website. I received a reply to my email within minutes, which included a fix to my problem. Fabulous!
Rick Gabrielly
Kelly provided top-notch setup support! Kelly Merten was enthusiastic, clear in her approach and detail oriented in our initial setup call today! She went step by step, giving me a chance to ask questions along the way, and provided answers to all those questions. She even taught me how to customize the messages to my Health Coaching practice. I'm excited to try some of the new things Kelly showed me to support my clients further!
Beyond my expectations! I just wanted to say thanks to Kelly for her help today. I never knew that there were so many great features to this scheduling service! Kelly was patient and helpful and explained all of the benefits of Full Slate in a clear, concise and friendly manner. I will definitely be telling all my colleagues to use Full Slate.
Very helpful! Review of Kelly Kelly answered all of my questions and offered more advice on things I hadn't even thought to ask.
Kelly was great Review of Kelly Our session was very informative and helpful. I am glad I signed up.
Awesome support by Kelly! As a new subscriber to FullSlate, Kelly is patience and knowledgable about the FullSlate product. She goes above and beyond - she's just awesome!
Becky Frisk
Set Up Support Kelly was great at answering my questions and giving me advise on how to set up Full Slate! I highly recommend talking with you if you have any questions about setting up your site.
Margot Sutcliffe, MA.CCC
Kelly ~ the 'go to' gal Kelly's help with a technically-challenged clinical counsellor like me, was invaluable. She is ever-patient, enthusiastic and thorough!
Set up call Kelly was super helpful and patient! I am excited to get fully acclimated and get my full slate scheduling up and running. I've only been playing with it for 2 days but so far...I am really happy with the program - especially customer support.
Kelly is Awesome....patient and knowledgeble!!!! Thanks for the great customer service. I enrolled in the free trial and realized there was much to learn. Full Slate contacted me on their own and is guiding me to set up and tailor the scheduler to my needs. Awesome!
Perfect Orientation Thank you Kelly for setting me squarely on the path with Full Slate. You kindly let me work at my own pace learning the range and scope of my new scheduler's capacities. Once the widgets are in place next week, I'll be GOOD to GO! Thanks for your GREAT tutoring!
Review Review of Kelly I like having a name to contact. It is more personal. I appreciate Kelly's feedback to make it easier for clients to find the online scheduling on my website.
Nancy Smego
Kelly Merten is THE BEST! Review of Kelly For several weeks now Kelly has patiently gone above and beyond the call of duty and talked to me off hours and done her very best to get me up to speed on your awesome product! I'm happy to say my boss is about to be trained by Kelly because we are purchasing this service. THANK YOU KELLY! Nancy Smego - Performance Based Ergonomics
Lisa Bedoya
Great Support Staff! You know how with some companies you groan when you figure out that you need to contact customer service. You know it's going to be a hassle, people might be rude, you might not get the help you need? Well with Full Slate you will never have to worry or waste your precious time. They are ALWAYS helpful, professional, and FAST! Yesterday was Sunday and I still got the solution to my problem within a couple of hours. The application is so easy to use that you don't need to contact them a lot. But as a small business owner it's nice to know that when you need your "team" to be there. The Full Slate people are always right on board and ready to help with a smile. (At least I imaging they're smiling :-) Thank you!